Why you need a online business marketing system

Putting the gears into motion for your online business marketing system.

No matter what type of product or service you promote online, you should have a system in place that captures the email addresses of the people that are reading your webpage.

Send your subscriber quality information about your product or service and how it can help your subscriber solve a problem. It is by far the number one method of doing business online, expanding sales, and reaching audiences you may have missed otherwise.

The Cheapest and Hottest Leads are leads that you generate yourself!  

There are many pre-made cookie-cutter marketing systems that want you to join multiple paid subscriptions within them, and then promote the affiliate page they send you.

To make money you have to convince others to join all the other programs you just joined, whether you need them or not, and whether or not they serve any purpose towards your goals.

That’s why creating your own online business marketing system is essential to your overall business.  GlobalNPN makes it easy!  This is how to put  a form on your website so that you can send out pre-written emails to your list subscribers. 

Why pay for leads when you can create your own for much less?  In fact, the more leads you create from your own efforts, makes your marketing system even less expensive to the point that it actually generates an income for every lead that you produce on your own.

The Two main reasons why you need a marketing system is this:

If you are promoting anything online with your own website, no matter if you own a flower shop on Main Street or an Online Business, collecting the email addresses of your site visitors should be your number one goal.

1. You need the email addresses of your online visitors to let them know about a promotion you are having, how to use your product or service, let them know about a new thing you have. Give them some good information about whatever your niche market is.

Why just let people come to your site once and forget about you?  Get their email address and develop a relationship with your readers!

Give your site visitor an incentive to enter their email address into your online form, and you will have a new prospect that could come back and buy something from you if you treat them nice and give them what they want.  A free ebook or software, How To info, some top notch instant information is a must because it satisfies the instant gratification.

2. When you join an Online income opportunity, you are usually provided with a re-seller link.  You are expected to promote that link so that people use your product or service that you are promoting, or join you in your business.

When you promote a re-seller link it looks unprofessional, and the the big part is, you won’t be able to build a list of prospects by promoting an affiliate link.

You can still make an income, but you wont be able biuld a list of people that are like minded and would

 If the company you are representing fails and shuts down, you have zero people in your team and no list of like minded customers and prospects to communicate with, and and that means you have no business!


Your own marketing system protects you against other peoples’ problems.  You never have to purchase leads, and your leads are fresh hot of the press – and they want more information from you.

You wouldn’t open a Flower Shop on Main Street and not get phone or electricity, or not pay for heat or water right?

If you’re promoting Online, then you need the right tools for the job, plain and simple.

If you were using something for your business that worked, wouldn’t you recommend it to others?  I sure would, especially if you get compensated for it on a monthly residual!


Your marketing system is an extension of you, your character and personality.

Promote yourself as a brand, develop trust, provide good content and never stop learning.

Invest in tools and resources that will help you, not hinder you.  Stay focused and follow your dreams!

People need to stop program hopping because in most cases, it’s not the business they joined, it’s them.  If you want to make money online, start with the right tools. 
GlobalNPN is a complete auto responder and business marketing system that provides a variety essential marketing tools. 
One of the huge benefits of using a system like this is the build in re-seller compensation. 
Every time someone joins your business to take advantage of the powerful marketing tools you are able to offer them, or take advantage of the simple and powerful re-seller compensation plan you get paid, month after month.  
This is truly an online business for everybody!  The low cost entry fee is only $14.95!
Your monthly subscription allows you to generate an income that will far surpass the monthly fee!  All you need to do is grab a good domain name for ten bucks and forward it to your GlobalNPN re-seller affiliate link the promote the domain name you just bought!

There is no magic website that lets you join and you become rich by doing nothing.  Learn some tips by signing up to the form on this blog!  Don’t forget to hit the like button!

Mark Austin


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