Why do broke people insist on being broke?

Broke no money, make money online Sometimes I wonder why people that have no money don’t change what they are doing.  Isn’t it true that doing the same thing over again always results in the same situation?

With all the opportunity in the world to create wealth online or offline, you would think that everybody would be rich, well off, or can at least hold their own.

Aside from mental illness, or a physical disability, there really is no excuses.  Hell, even some handicapped people do better in life than full able bodied humans!

Yet we have millions of people in North America alone that have something blocking their brains.

I think I’ve discovered some of what ails the brains of these people.  T.V. , Internet, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, education, and massive credit.

I myself have to battle these stupid things on a daily basis.  Yes I enjoy a drink or two, maybe even some pot, but to let those things rule your life becomes a chore.

T.V. is nothing but a garbage can of media.  Kids don’t even what the thing anymore!  I accidentally saw a Kardashian on my screen last night,  switched it right away!  I found a kids movie that was actually really good and had some good lessons in it.  Despicable Me.  Fell asleep watching it but it was not only entertaining, but had some really positive messages.

Reality T.V. is disgusting!

Internet is a great tool for research and learning, but on the flip side, there are some really bad things online that I don’t want my kids seeing.  Parents used to worry about kids watching too much T.V. – now we worry about what free content kids are watching while parents are away.

Our kids are exposed to alot more negative influences than ever before, from stupid people on reality T.V. like a kardashian, or a jersey shore person.

Drugs that are created for a made up health issue by the big pharma companies,  yeah we’re all a little bit  ADD.  People (Kids) learn differently.  Why give them a drug to make them learn like the others?  Einstein was certainly ridiculed by his teachers for being a bad student!  Good thing they didn’t have overbearing liberal governments overseeing the teachers poor recommendations back then!

Recreational drugs like marijuana and alcohol, I believe are fine to use moderately,  it’s when we let these things control our lives that it becomes a problem.  Similar to letting negative people control your life and create  misguided path so that you can’t move forward.  Some negative people are like a bad addiction!  Funny how the government allows alcohol and generates a hefty tax base, but won’t allow simple marijuana to be used without criminal penalty.  Government would rather raise taxes on people that are already taxed to the limits, than generate new taxes through the sales of what people really want. 

Cigarettes are the absolute worst thing, yet the government allows people to smoke because they like the taxes it generates.  I quit those things years ago when I realized I needed more money and other things like smelling better, a more productive lifestyle, and a healthier body.

Government says you can smoke and drink and gamble, it’s all good, but forbids the use of a little weed.  Talk about a hypocritical Harper government.  Did you know weed is only illegal because of a mis-guided report from one persons opinion and not actual scientific evidence.

Credit cards are a banks best friend.  In the early days of credit, it was frowned upon to use credit. This was before all the technology we have today.  This was also when thew national debt was at it’s lowest.  Now we need credit just to get a house or car.  The problem is the banks push credit so much that it creates a false sense of security for the very people it says are their customers.  How many credit cards do we need?

I can’t go anywhere without being offered credit from some bank!  I have one credit card, that’s I need! This is the problem with the banks, they make it easy to borrow money, up your limit then make money off the interest because they know you can’t possibly pay it back in one go.

Education is a joke!  Now a teacher will loose his job when he gives a kid what they deserve.  A big fat zero!  Kids are growing up today thinking that they can do as little as possible, yet demand that they get all they want.  What ever happened to deserving a good grade, deserving money for a job well done, and pride for doing a good job.  The government is in bed with the teachers unions and they are creating an agenda for kids that sets them up to fail later in life.  If the kids doesn’t learn like the others, put ‘em on drugs so the teacher won’t have to  deal with adversity.

All the topics I’ve covered here- Cigarettes, weed, alcohol, bank credit, T.V. Education, and Internet are all controlled by the government.  The government is not your friend!

This is why people are broke.  People insist on being broke because they don’t know any different.  This is what the government has created for its people!  Now millions of people have a broke mind.

Stop, turn off the media, stop spending money on garbage and take control! Isn’t it about time we started telling our kids how to think, not what to think?!

Happy Canada Day!

Mark Austin Peace Out!


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