Where is the free enterprise?

Free enterprise is no longer free . We take what we can get which is not really freedom is it.

For people wanting a better choice, they have turned to franchising.  A turn-key business that teaches as you go. Sound ok so far.

Now you get to work 75 hours a week because you just bought a job,

something that you just ran away from or are at  least looking elsewhere for income alternatives.

If you can afford to spend fifty grand and more on a franchise, pay employees, and maybe see a profit in about five years, then all the power to you.  Most people can’t afford
that kind of financial spread, and would rather make money sooner than later, while not working all hours of the day.

Is that being lazy or are franchises only for the ambitious and motivated.  I think there are lots of people that are qualified for a franchise, but lack the capitol and people are afraid to spend that kind of money on an uncertainty.

It’s not like we can depend on the government, education, and business to help us.  We cannot rely on others.

Every industry has problems and asking for help seems to create more problems, so nobody whats to go down that road.

And that means we have to take matter into our own hands.

Yes there are options.  So where do we go to realize our dreams?

I love Zig Ziglars line. “You can anything you want in life if you just help enough others get what they want”

Words to live by when it comes to thinking about how you will make your financial dreams a success.

The next chapter talks about what our options are.  I’m wondering how many people know that there are actually options!

Mark Austin


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