Where is the American Dream?

It seems that the American Dream doesn’t exist through colleges, libraries, or job security, as it may have in the past.

I think that job security was once part of the American dream, but not now.  There is no job security anymore, I can tell you that first hand.

It exists in your heart and soul, and it’s been faded and tainted by the constant corruption that our leaders in every industry have bestowed upon us.  The tax payers are always left holding the bag of shite at the end of a scandal.  Pyramid schemes are everywhere!

There are ways to make our dreams, but some sort of employment is necessary because a paycheck provides us the ability to pay our bills, put a roof over our heads, have a car and so on.

But more importantly, it provides us with an opportunity to invest in ourselves.  We just need the right vehicle to realize our dreams and take us on that journey.

You can work full time at your job and part time on your fortune, and then you’ll be able to earn money outside of what you are doing.  When your employer lets you go, you’ll have at least another stream of income already started.  Trust me, working for the same company barley exists these days so be prepared to loose your job.

When you start making more at your part time business than your full-time job, you can make some serous plans and forget the sucky job you hate so much!

The American Dream has been redefined by our changing economy, the growing distrust of the people in the positions of power, whether it’s government, education, business, or religion.

There always seems to be people in leadership positions that will abuse the system and the very people that helped create the wealth for them in the first place.

The government is operating the worlds largest Ponzi scheme!

The biggest scam and pyramid scheme in the world is the pension fund.  We as employees pay into it, but the fact is there are more and more people drawing from the pension funds than people put into it.

The government has no idea what to do except raise taxes underhandedly, and stuff their pockets while they can through shady business practices and voting scandals.  I realize that part of the problem is the baby boom, however, if the government didn’t waste so much money on themselves, there would be enough money for the people should rightfully have access to it.  Government workers need to stop spending our money like it’s theirs!

Isn’t it time to take control of your own economy and generate wealth for yourself instead of relying on others?We can’t rely on jobs and government anymore.

In my opinion, the best way to do this is through the home business industry.

Your own enterprise is the only way to avoid the pitfall the government and other greedy corporate pigs filling their pockets with your money!

This takes me to about chapter six.  Hope you enjoyed my opinions from my reading so far and it motivates you to make some changes!

Mark Austin


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