What should I put on my website?

Planning your Website.

If this is your first website and you have decided on a product or service to promote, and you have done your market research, obtaining a dot com in your own name is your best option, if possible.


The reason you want your name.com is because you are your business. You must be the face of your business for your niche market. Be the person that provides great content to your subscribers and information that will help them solve a problem. Crete a positive experience and environment for your subscribers to build a good business relationship.

Your first domain name is your main site that you need to direct all your traffic and marketing to.

Plan your website to be the central point of your business. Using a WordPress Blog is the best way to create a central point of contact for all your information, social media links, and other marketing campaigns.

Whether you use your name.com or you find a targeted keyword as your dotcom, you should always include an auto responder to build a list of prospects.

What should I put on my website you ask?what-should-I-put-on-my-website

Just look at a few of the blogs you read by others. You might want an “About” page, or some pages on how to do something, a video on how to use one of your products or services. Provide industry information, contact information, products page, affiliates page, work with me page. Brainstorm for your own ideas and don’t forget to include your auto responder. Give people an incentive to add their name and email address to your form.

Make sure you poof read your newsletters. The best way is to sign up to your own newsletters to see how it works live and all your spelling, grammar, and punctuation is correct.

I like using WordPress Blogs. There is a simple interface and you can choose themes, colors, social media buttons, pictures, text, video. GDI includes WordPress and everything else you need in a one stop shop. If you found a domain name you like and it’s available, grab it now from GDI.

If you have a company that you are partnered with, you can forward your domain name to your re-seller link until your blog or website is ready.

Blogs are better for SEO, search engines like them, and the websites are more interactive with comment posts and discussions.

What I should put on my website is simply a question of organization. Keep it simple. Your products or services are secondary. This blog is about you and how you can help people with a problem. Build trust, build your list, build your relationship with your prospects and some of them will buy from you or join you in your business.

Plan on buying more domain names! I have domain name from GDI, not just because it’s easy to setup with the included WordPress interface, it’s also because GDI has a nice re-seller program that gives you a residual income every month, and I never have to worry about paying for it as the low cost comes out of my commissions.

Your secondary domain names are usually lead capture pages designed with a specific keyword target audience. This is where you can have fun with the research and look at how many people are looking for specific things.

The key is to find a keyword that is being typed into the search engines that have low competition, and a global monthly search of less than a couple of thousand. This becomes a highly targeted key phrase, or long tail keyword. Find out if the dot-com is available. If it is, register it at GoDaddy!

Get the Unlimited Hosting from GoDaddy because you can buy as many domain names as you need and get them set up pretty easily without having to buy hosting separately for each domain name you purchase.

If you are buying more than one domain name for the purpose of marketing online, be sure that your domain names are keyword targeted, and set it up as a landing page.

In my case, my name was taken and I still wanted a dot-com, so I use this blog as my home base, central location for all of my online work. My other websites are landing pages with keyword targeted dot-coms.

The only purpose these little mini sites serve is to provide a web-form for the viewer to enter in their name and email address, nothing else.

There is text on the page that tells the viewer what to expect if they fill in the form, like a mini sales page. An awesome place to get good ad copy ideas for your landing pages is a place called CopyBlogger.

The goal is to convert your traffic into leads, leads into customers. That’s why you need an auto responder.

Each little mini site you set up with a landing page should direct your leads into your main list. You can have as many little website landing pages all collecting a few leads for you around the internet. If each little landing page site gives you one or two leads a day, your list will grow at a decent rate.

So does this answer your question “What should I put on my website?”


Mark Austin

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