What are Widgets and Plugins

Widgets and plugins

Widgets and Plugins

Besides having your basics set up for your blog like domain name, hosting, and your auto responder, you’ll also need a few widgets and plugins to help your site give it the look and performance you need.


…Because I’m a WordPress user, the references I make about the tools I am using are features of WordPress.  Other blog site like Blog-Spot may have different names for the same basic functions as widgets and plugins.

What is a widget? A widget is a little application that is embedded into third party sites by a user creating a website or blog.

Basically widgets adds dynamic content to your site for viewers to interact with, such as a like button or adding HTML code from your auto responder to your sidebar, adding links and a search function on your blog.  There are thousands of widgets that you can use.  Many widgets and plugins are free and are available to use right away.

What is a plugin?  A plugin allows you to use similar functions to widgets such as Facebook and twitter sharing tools, but plugins also provide applications that run in the background that your viewers don’t necessarily see.

Plugins that are not visible but useful are things like spam filters, SEO apps that help get your content get out there, page counters, all kinds of other tools. Don’t put visible page counters on your blog as it looks unprofessional, unless you’re using it for a specific purpose that you want the public to see.

Plugins that I am currently using are:

Facebook, Twitter & Google+ Social Buttons – helps to share your content with others.

All in One SEO Pack, Gives the search engines some spider food, helps get your content get found through search engines.

Widgets that I am using:

Social media widget displays several media logos that you might belong to, customizable.

Search bar widget lets people search your site for specific content.

Like box widget -Do I need to explain ?!

HTML box widget to add auto responder form code so you can build your list.

There are some really cool and excellent plugins and widgets that perform all kinds of functional applications that will help your site and your business.

Don’t overload your site with all kinds of widgets and plugins because it will distract from your purpose of people reading your content and sharing it.

I have tried some widgets and plugins that don’t always work out.  In a twitter widget I tried, it posted twitter feeds on my blog that i didn’t think were really fitting for my particular purposes.

Using a few basic Widgets and plugins will give you the functionality you need to provide a professional looking blog for your business branding.

Mark Austin




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