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Web trafficIn order to produce any results for your marketing campaign you’ll need a decent amount of web traffic.  Not just any old traffic, targeted traffic.

Your business may include several niche markets that people are searching for on a regular basis.

There are many types of online marketing strategies to produce the web traffic you’re looking for.  There are long term and short term traffic options. You will want to use both methods to keep your marketing system collecting leads.

Short term traffic is used for quick campaigns with large numbers of targeted web traffic.  You need to monitor your results using split testing and ad tracking links so you know where your leads are coming from and tweak your squeeze pages.  This type of traffic can come from banner ad campaigns, list marketing, joint ventures, ppc, traffic exchanges,

Long term traffic comes from article marketing, blog posts, forums, social media, and a general involvement in the industry and community you’re marketing to.

Your marketing campaign should be a blend of long and short term web traffic being directed to your squeeze pages or (Lead capture pages), so that you can build a large list of subscribers.  Learn more about creating email lists here.

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