To blog or not to blog?

Small business Barrie I wrote a pretty good article on blogging.

I was hanging around Google and noticed that over twenty  million people were asking about blogging. 


In particular, the question was “What is blogging and how do you do it?”

You can find my post here.

:) Mark


Is your Business Offline?

Offline Business-Online Business BarrieTake your offline business and put it online, and take your online business and put if offline! 

I should really talk about this because many people need to understand direct marketing. You can call it network marketing, mlm or whatever but the fact remains there are thousands of people looking for answers, looking for more money, and a better lifestyle.

The problem is a high percentage of these same people do not wish to take the time to actually learn how to do it properly.

If all you are doing is pasting your affiliate link in Facebook and all kinds of other social media (twitter), then you need to re-think your approach.

Also, just because your business is online it doesn’t mean that all you need to do is sit in front of your computer and click click click all day in the traffic exchanges.

Lot’s of people in your market already have a business and won’t drop theirs to sign up for yours. Although some people do. They are called program hoppers. They won’t stick around very long for your business either.

In most cases it’s not the business at fault, it’s the person trying to work it.

There is much more to building a team than pasting a link all over the place.

If you have a primary business, are you attending meetings and events? Are you getting on the conference calls? Are you talking to people about your business? Are you afraid to talk to people about your business, and if so, why?

If you’re not involved with a company that you can be proud to be involved with, then maybe you’re in the wrong company.

Does your company have DVD’s or CD’s that you can give to prospects you meet? Do you have printed literature ready for your prospects.

Do you have any prospects? You need to keep marketing materials with you at all times to pique interested in your company.

You can have positive results working offline and is sometimes easier than working online. Just because your company is online, it doesn’t mean that you need to be online with it all the time.

The reason is because you’re missing a huge market of potential prospects out there who probably would never have seen your business if you didn’t speak to them directly. Keep a paper list in your organizer as well as an online list.

So take the time to get offline and see people. Get to know your prospects before you pitch them on something. Feel them out, see where they are in life. People love to talk about themselves so let them talk!

Mark Austin


Read yourself to wealth!

Home business barrie  I finally got a new book to read.

The last one was great and I learned lots about the shift in wealth, the corruption in all industries, and how we can still overcome the negative influences and change our lives through legal business practices.

My new book called Read more

Definition of Commitment

Darren Hardy puts it best

“Doing the thing you said you were going to do long after the mood you set it in has left you.” Read more

Great day to think about your future! If you don’t like what you’ve got, why don’t you change it. If your world is all screwed up re-arrange it!