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Ask yourself why you might want a network marketing business.


Fact: There is never enough money to pay all the bills and living expenses every month, not paying one bill to pay another.

………Owning a car that isn’t rusty, in need of repair, and being afraid to drive it too far in case it breaks down.

Fact:  Living paycheck to paycheck is a burden on our family…Hours are being cut and there is less income……

To provide better lifestyle conditions for our aging parents.

Now is the time to change all of the above!

Start small and work your way up..


Basics to getting your email list started.

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An insight to what you need to think about and do to get an email list working for you.



What’s stopping you from earning more?

Have you ever said to yourself, there has got to be a better way?


I’m sure many people have said that.  I know I have! 

The question is; what will you do about it?  What better way are you looking for?

I know that most people I see on a daily basis would love the chance at an opportunity to make more money, but how is the question.

Some think that more school is the answer, some think working more overtime is the answer, or getting a better job might work too.

These are band aid solutions to a perpetual problem.  There are not enough decent paying jobs out there, but at the same time, the world needs employees.

So let the people that are too afraid to make a positive change in their lives get jobs and keep them, get fired, laid off, downsized, reduced wages, whatever.

They will simply start the process again continuing the cycle of desperation.

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about paying bills and buying food for your family without the worry of how much your budget is suffering.

We can’t really control how the so called world leaders make decisions for us so they can pad their own pockets, but we can control how we make a living, where our money comes from, and who we help learn these simple strategies.

There are over seven billion people on this earth, many of whom are looking for such an opportunity.  Are you one of them?

I asked a person if they were interested in looking at an opportunity once, actually I ask that question lots, but this particular response blew me away.  Her reply was “Do I have to sell anything?”

In what planet is there a business that makes money by not selling anything?  Oh, I think that’s called a pyramid scheme!


This is how ignorant people have become!  A result of the Canadian education system, the lack of education for real success, and a way to keep people to only earning a fraction of what they are worth.  You can’t put a price on success and happiness.

If you owned a business do you think you would not have something to sell?

Lotto tickets buy hope, not success and happiness. 

No one is responsible for your success or happiness so you must make it happen for yourself.  Is your job doing that for you?

When I mention MLM to someone, they might say, it’s only the guy on top that makes the money, or if it were that easy everybody would be doing it.

First, in MLM, the person that produces the most results, makes the money, not the person on top.  This is only true in traditional employment.

Your boss and the owner are on top in your organization, they make more money than you!

Second, not everybody does it because they don’t see themselves as a person in a position of leadership or power, and a narrow mind keeps them from exploring opportunities that could actually save them from themselves if they just opened their minds to new concepts. 

They are happy with their position in their employment and besides, the world needs employees anyway!

However, if you would like to explore an opportunity to create an income outside of what you are currently doing, you can simply email me.

Stop your limiting thoughts and make your world a better place!

We meet in Barrie Ontario Wednesday Evening.

Mark Austin

Ps, you’ll show up if your interested and the type of person that can get off the couch and turn off the TV!  TV is a waste of time!  It’s costing you more than just the price you pay for all the useless channels and reality TV!

And don’t email me and ask what it’s all about because the people that do that are looking for the easy way, and trust me on this, there is no easy way.  Simple, yes, but not always easy!

If you plan on quitting in a month because you are dumb enough to join a business, not doing anything, them complain that it didn’t work, don’t bother contacting me!

If you opened a store and didn’t show up to open the doors to let customers and prospect in, you wouldn’t make any money either. People love blaming others for their failures!  So don’t be that person.

Only looking for open minded positive people to work with!

Don’t like my attitude?  No holds barred man!  This is it, do it or not, there is no try as Yoda says, Do or Do not, there is  no try!


15 Tips for creating a great blog.

15 Tips for creating a blog. 15 Tips for creating a great blog.    

Whether you’re blogging for business or pleasure, there are certain rules you need to following when it comes to blogging in order to be found and enjoyed by others.

The following tips for creating a blog are listed below.

1. Research Google and see what people are asking and looking for.  Watch my video and you can use this technique to research just about anything!

2. Write your article around the chosen keywords researched in Google.

3. Embed pictures and videos into your posts, or link to your video’s.

4. Effective blogging includes some SEO as well.  Name your video the same title as your blog heading.  Both blog article and video should be named with the keyword you chose to create the article about.  This gives the robots and crawlers some really good content based information that is targeted to a specific keyword and audience and helps gets your blog post found.

5. Your sentence structure has to make sense and flow easily for your reader.  Don’t put your keywords in the article just for the sake of adding keywords. That is called keyword stuffing and can have negative affects for your search results.

6. Don’t post duplicate articles because search engine robots don’t like that and you will not achieve better search results by doing so.

7. Submit your article posts to article and blog directories.  WordPress can do this for you

automatically.  Make sure pings are enabled when creating and editing your blog.

8. Don’t make your blog one long paragraph.  Break up your content into one one to three sentences per paragraph.

9.  Be sure to ad a call to action.  Direct your reader to take a next action Such as Hit the Like button, click a link, take a survey, fill in a form.

10.  Respond to your comments that people post on your blog.

11.  Comment on other blogs that are relevant to yours.  You’ll get link backs and more traffic which help build your list.  Your blog will be more effective when you participate in other blogs.

12. Share your content through social media.

13.  Don’t make blog post too long.  Get to the point.  If your blog topic is a long one, break into sections and make a two or three part series and link each blog post to the next.

14. Be consistent .  Set a schedule and stick to it.  Blogging on a consistent schedule gets the attention of the search engines.

15. Add a PS to the end of your blog.  It could be Webinar reminder, a leadership tip, a future blog title coming up in your next post.

I hope you enjoyed these 15 Tips for creating a blog.    

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Mark Austin