Job stands for “Just over Broke”

Job-Loblaws-Zehrs-wage-cuts-switchover-flip-store-barrieAs I’m reading this book called “Who Stole the American dream” I learned so many things about our corrupt culture when it comes to business and politics.

I know who stole the American dream.

It’s the politicians that are voting themselves increases in their pay and
pensions, and the corporate fatty’s that are taking millions for themselves while

the company is going broke, and employees are being laid off!

It’s been happening since the age of government and business, and in my opinion
it will continue to happen no matter what we do.

Blowing the whistle doesn’t change much because by the time the scam is
discovered, these government and corporate miscreants have already made off with
your money!

So how do you make your dream a reality?

There are some choices.  Job Stands for “Just over broke” Yes it’s important to
have a job, but you certainly can’t live the lifestyle you believe you deserve
because you have a job.

You can franchise if you have a good stash of cash in the hundreds of thousands,
which for many people is not the answer.  People risk way to much for
franchising, put the house up for collateral, borrow from the bank.  You better
hope your business succeeds because you’ll be in debt for the rest of your life
if it doesn’t.

You could open up a store and sell your goods right?  The thing is, the lease
rates and equipment costs prevent many people from doing this as well.

There has been a great paradigm shift in the way goods and services are sold to
the consumer.

First it was the mom & pop shops selling specific items, then there were malls,
where we put all the shops under one roof, and mom and pop were not happy about
it!  Malls started loosing money, so there we malls made to entertain and
attract – Like West Edmonton Mall, It’s probably not making as much money today
as when it was in it’s heyday.

Since this book was written in 1993, Burke Hedges, the author, couldn’t really
tell us where we are headed with consumerism, but I know that since the dawn of
the Internet to today, consumers have switched to online shopping, and it’s
increasing every year.  You can buy anything online, even a house!

So what about something called Network marketing?  Building your own
distribution channel of good and services?

New idea’s and concepts have always been met with bands of people resisting
change.  However change is inevitable.  Amway was the first company to open this
concept to the masses.  Since then many new companies have emerged using this
same business model.

I know there are lots of people that resist this concept, I know because I’ve
met them.  Some are family members.  It’s the old school way of thinking that
has people tied up in an old reality.  Jobs are not forever.
I’ve heard people say, “If Network marketing is that great, wouldn’t everybody
be doing it?” Simple answer is no. Here’s why.  Most people can’t be bothered,
some are afraid they will be ridiculed, and some just don’t believe in a proven
concept because of the way they think.  Get a job, work, go home, watch TV.

Even franchising was almost outlawed by not so smart politicians by a narrow
vote.  That’s a multi-billion dollar a year industry, and to think the smart people we
vote in are making such irrational decisions for the masses like you and I!

Don’t worry about what people say and think, go get it!

Mark Austin

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