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New affiliate blogging system!



Hey, guess what?  There is a new system  from a reputable business man over at Pure Leverage/GVO!


All inclusive system, plus a nice residual income that increases as you build your team.

You get:
  • Affiliate blogging system already set up so that you can simply plug into it and start promoting it right away.  I simply grabbed a domain name and forwarded it to my Pure Leverage Blog!  Now I just promote my domain name ( or my latest post.
  • An auto responder to use to promote anything else you might be doing. This will allow you to add a form to your blog or other website you might own, and build a subscriber list.
  • Excellent residual compensation plan when other use the system so have a look!

Register your

15 Tips for creating a blog.Recently I have registered a new domain name called


A couple reasons are because of name branding, and also it’s a good place to share a more personal side other than just home business.

I’ve included a new password protected marketing centre for people that want to partner with me and build our team with us online.  (Some really great benefits)

There are posts and articles on healthy food stuffs from my yard and some great food links to blogs that are full of great food prep and cooking information.

I’ve also included some nice resource links for the home/online business industry to help you on your way.


Get Online Marketing Tools for Business

Online business tools The most basic requirement for any business is a good suite of online marketing tools.

I see many people join some business but don’t invest into what should be a priority.

A contact list is important for many reasons.  First and most obvious is the ability to gather or capture email address from your website or blog by using a simple email form.

This will allow you to offer your site viewers an incentive to join your list in exchange for their email address.


Once your site viewer becomes a list subscriber they should receive good content from you regarding your site and whatever it it that you promised your viewer.

Use the automated “Thank You” page option to send your new list subscriber instantly the incentive you offered that they sighed up for.

You also have the ability to create multiple contact lists, sending your prospects through your automated online sales funnel.

Your contact list also helps develop business relationships through your informative pre-written newsletters.

You can create a set of newsletters and send them once per week, or whatever frequency you like.  Add a link to your products or services in your newsletters.  Not every newsletter needs to be a sales page.

Your newsletters need to be informative and broken into small chucks to be read and digested properly.

The contact system I use is at – Great for any business, not just network marketing!

Mark Austin

How to get your email list started.

There are two basic elements that make up the components of an Email list.

You need at least a domain name and an auto responder. Read my latest article on getting your email list started.

Talk to you soon!

Mark :)

Tips for online business.

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