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New affiliate blogging system!



Hey, guess what?  There is a new system  from a reputable business man over at Pure Leverage/GVO!


All inclusive system, plus a nice residual income that increases as you build your team.

You get:
  • Affiliate blogging system already set up so that you can simply plug into it and start promoting it right away.  I simply grabbed a domain name and forwarded it to my Pure Leverage Blog!  Now I just promote my domain name ( or my latest post.
  • An auto responder to use to promote anything else you might be doing. This will allow you to add a form to your blog or other website you might own, and build a subscriber list.
  • Excellent residual compensation plan when other use the system so have a look!

Basics to getting your email list started.

New blog post on my local business page -

An insight to what you need to think about and do to get an email list working for you.



15 Tips for creating a great blog.

15 Tips for creating a blog. 15 Tips for creating a great blog.    

Whether you’re blogging for business or pleasure, there are certain rules you need to following when it comes to blogging in order to be found and enjoyed by others.

The following tips for creating a blog are listed below.

1. Research Google and see what people are asking and looking for.  Watch my video and you can use this technique to research just about anything!

2. Write your article around the chosen keywords researched in Google.

3. Embed pictures and videos into your posts, or link to your video’s.

4. Effective blogging includes some SEO as well.  Name your video the same title as your blog heading.  Both blog article and video should be named with the keyword you chose to create the article about.  This gives the robots and crawlers some really good content based information that is targeted to a specific keyword and audience and helps gets your blog post found.

5. Your sentence structure has to make sense and flow easily for your reader.  Don’t put your keywords in the article just for the sake of adding keywords. That is called keyword stuffing and can have negative affects for your search results.

6. Don’t post duplicate articles because search engine robots don’t like that and you will not achieve better search results by doing so.

7. Submit your article posts to article and blog directories.  WordPress can do this for you

automatically.  Make sure pings are enabled when creating and editing your blog.

8. Don’t make your blog one long paragraph.  Break up your content into one one to three sentences per paragraph.

9.  Be sure to ad a call to action.  Direct your reader to take a next action Such as Hit the Like button, click a link, take a survey, fill in a form.

10.  Respond to your comments that people post on your blog.

11.  Comment on other blogs that are relevant to yours.  You’ll get link backs and more traffic which help build your list.  Your blog will be more effective when you participate in other blogs.

12. Share your content through social media.

13.  Don’t make blog post too long.  Get to the point.  If your blog topic is a long one, break into sections and make a two or three part series and link each blog post to the next.

14. Be consistent .  Set a schedule and stick to it.  Blogging on a consistent schedule gets the attention of the search engines.

15. Add a PS to the end of your blog.  It could be Webinar reminder, a leadership tip, a future blog title coming up in your next post.

I hope you enjoyed these 15 Tips for creating a blog.    

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Mark Austin


To blog or not to blog?

Small business Barrie I wrote a pretty good article on blogging.

I was hanging around Google and noticed that over twenty  million people were asking about blogging. 


In particular, the question was “What is blogging and how do you do it?”

You can find my post here.

:) Mark


What are Widgets and Plugins

Widgets and plugins

Widgets and Plugins

Besides having your basics set up for your blog like domain name, hosting, and your auto responder, you’ll also need a few widgets and plugins to help your site give it the look and performance you need.


…Because I’m a WordPress user, the references I make about the tools I am using are features of WordPress.  Other blog site like Blog-Spot may have different names for the same basic functions as widgets and plugins.

What is a widget? A widget is a little application that is embedded into third party sites by a user creating a website or blog.

Basically widgets adds Read more